Why knit?

  • In a world that is constantly spinning and permeated by technology? Because the rhythmic clatter of the needles and the gentle glide of the yarn creates a connection to a bygone era when things were created with patience and dedication. In the midst of the constant rush, knitting allows me to find a moment of calm where I focus on the simple interplay of stitches, the touch of soft wool and the slow growth of a project created by my hands remind me that beauty and success take time.

  • It's almost therapeutic to see how I can knit a piece of my worries and thoughts with each stitch until they are transformed into something new and warming. And then there is the joy when the work is finally finished, an expression of creativity and craftsmanship that makes me feel proud of the finished work. So I knit, not just to make garments, but to create a connection - to myself, to tradition and to a deeper way of being that can be found in the simplicity of knitting. My creations are not only

  • Garments, but works of art that celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship. Each stitch is carefully placed to find the balance between functionality and aesthetics. When someone wears one of my pieces, they are not only wearing an outer garment, but also a piece of my passion and dedication to this timeless craft. Each of my designs should not only warm, but also tell a story that transcends the boundaries of fashion - a story of dedication, inspiration and the magic that happens when threads become art.

    Jolanda Schneider

My background

I was born with a talent for craftsmanship. My great-grandfather was a master tailor, his wife a milliner. Together they owned a tailor's workshop and millinery in the renowned town of St. Moritz, and I enjoyed working with wool and fabric as early as kindergarten, spending hours in my nursery making clothes for my Barbie dolls. As I couldn't sew yet, I glued the fabrics together with glue or stapled them.

  • I also drew a lot and dreamed of becoming a great fashion designer. When I started school, I was already looking forward to my first needlework lessons. Back then, a lot of emphasis was still placed on girls learning to knit and sew. Throughout my school years, I literally looked forward to the weekly needlework lessons, they were my favorite school lessons. Even back then, being creative was very important to me and the best thing of all, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed to learn my dream job of dressmaking after school. I did an apprenticeship as a ladies' hairdresser. The training was very instructive and shaped my future career. This was followed by the famous years of apprenticeship and travel, during which I also trained as a make-up artist and nail designer and later completed additional training as a visual merchandiser, which I completed with top marks. I tried out various professions but wasn't really happy anywhere, because I knew in my heart that all I wanted to do was sew, be creative and independent.

Dance-Line - My own tailoring studio

  • In 1993, I was able to fulfil my dream of owning my own dressmaking studio. Now I could do every day what I loved doing and what I had always wanted to do: sewing.
    As a passionate ballroom dancer in Latin and Standard dances and later also as a hobby in Boogie-Woogie and Rock'n Roll, I knew exactly what was important in a good dance costume.

  • I designed and sewed dresses for famous figure skaters such as Eliane and Daniel Hugentobler and also for ballroom dancers at home and abroad. Every day I worked with fine and marvellous lace fabrics to create luxurious dresses decorated with thousands of rhinestones.

  • It made me infinitely happy and proud to see these dresses, which took hours of painstaking work, on the dance floor or even on television at European and World Championships and even at the Olympic Games.

    Eliane and Daniel Hugentobler, Swiss ice dancing champions in Dance-Line dresses

Jollybear - Artist dolls and teddy bears

  • The tailoring studio for dance dresses was replaced by a passion for artist dolls and teddy bears. The first time I looked into the black button eyes of a teddy bear, I was hooked. I wanted to be able to sew such adorable creatures. With a lot of passion, hard work and ambition, I managed to make a name for myself in the world of bears and dolls within a short space of time and create my very own style of teddy bear.

  • I have also been a guest at many events and even on television with my bears. I had the honour of doing a talk show on Swiss television with Kurt Aeschbacher. Then I was a guest on Gion Cavelty's literature show and we were also invited to the Bern Officers' Ball. Tele Züri even named me Zurich Woman of the Month and I travelled all over Europe and even overseas to Japan and America. Always in my luggage, a group of teddy bears.

  • It was wonderful to see how these hairy fellows were able to bring people from different cultures together. I made many new contacts and friendships were formed all over the world. At the peak of my career, with many Swiss, European and even world championship titles, I left the world of bears and dolls.

    True to the motto: You should stop when it's at its best.

Jollybag - Artist bag with customised photo print

  • The hairy bear companions were replaced by a pretty, four-legged Golden Retriever dog called Kayla, who moved in with us in 2005. She made me want to own a bag with her photo on it so that I could always have her close to me.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find one anywhere, so I designed and made my very own flap bag with a personalised photo print.

  • The bag caused such a stir that I soon had a large clientele of animal lovers who also wanted to own one. We printed horses, dogs, cats, snakes and many other animals on the bags. Animal lovers from Germany and abroad asked me to immortalise their animal friends on their bags.
    Trade journals also reported on my bags.

  • There were reports in the horse magazines Cavallo and Pegasus, in the dog and cat magazines and in the dog magazine. Celebrities such as pop singers Monique and Sarah Jane have also had their personalised bags made by me.
    In response to popular demand, I also offered the shoulder bag in a maxi format. A little later, practical shopper shopping bags, laptop bags, changing bags and nappy bags were added.

Jollybag - From the sheet bag to the knitted bag

  • Many customers liked the sheet bags and then asked if I could also make bags and needle cases for knitters. I set about creating a design that was again unique in its kind.

  • My trademark was cute little sheep and witty sayings that brought the dusty image of the knitter into the modern age. The motifs were embroidered onto the bags and I also have cases for circular knitting needles and sock knitting needles to match the bags,

  • as well as needle games designed and made according to my own design. As I was also practising the hobby of making glass beads at the time, I decorated each bag with a handmade glass bead pendant. The bags are unique pieces that are still unrivalled today.

Jollydoll - Handmade for Sasha

  • It was in autumn 2020 when I was talking to my mother about my childhood. We brought up the subject of Sasha dolls. I remembered that my three Sasha dolls led a dreary life in the cupboard. I took them out shortly afterwards. They were given a thorough bath and their hair was also washed and restyled. Then I realised that the rubber bands on the bodies were very loose and also needed to be replaced.

  • Although I was already working as a doll maker, I was still new to the subject of raising Sasha rubbers. I researched the internet and was amazed to find that there are entire Facebook groups dedicated to Sasha dolls. Middle-aged women who, like me, still have their own dolls and share and exchange this passion with others.
    I joined these groups and it came

  • As it had to happen, the virus quickly spread to me. I saw so many beautiful dresses and how marvellously the dolls were dressed. I quickly got out my sewing machine, which had also been in hibernation, and set up my sewing room again. Since then, I have already sewn several new dresses for my Sasha's. As I can't keep them all myself and have so many ideas in my head, I also sell the odd item of clothing.