the most wonderful time.

Easily understandable patterns for 

christmas season knitting and crochet projects.

Effective patterns and trendy designs.


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Yarn + Pattern

This bundles includes
the yarn and also a suitable
pattern. Save money!

Knitting makes everyone happy


Patterns easy to follow for knitting
projects. Effective patterns and trendy designs.

Gradient Yarn

- vom Zaubergarten -
Handmade gradient yarns. Our yarns are wounded
with 3 or 4 different coloured threads into a ball. A lot of great colours.

Next Yarn

Set with different colored yarn balls,
which shows a color gradient when the projekt has been finished.

Yarn and Knitting Pattern

Theses Sets contains a yarn ball
and also a suitable knitting pattern
Save 10% for these bundles


Practical gifts for knitters,
friends and family.
Mugs, Mouse pads, Gift vouchers