Reduced price! Testwinding Gradient Yarn approx. 240m View larger

Testwinding Gradient Yarn approx. 240m


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Gradient Yarn Testwinding

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Gradient Yarn Testwinding

From Magic Garden (vom Zaubergarten) - handmade gradient yarns. Our yarns are
wounded with 3 different coloured threads into a ball. The yarn is not twisted but plied.

The wool can be knitted from inside or outside. The color changes are well knotted together
and about 25 cm long. So they can be well knit over a long distance. However, for a more
beautiful and safe processing I recommend to sew the threads.

What is called Testwinding ?

Testwinding yarns has a special length that are not in the regurarly on stock. These can
also be windings that we made for test purposes.These windings have no defects. This yarn
is therefore sold at a special price.

Therefore, this yarn is sold for a special price. There is no claim on complaint or return.

Yardage approx.240m
Material 50% Cotton, 50% Acryl
Needle Size 3.0 mm - 4.5 mm
Yarn weight 3-ply
Kind of producement handwounded, own design

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