1. We are an independent, financially independent Swiss family.
    We are characterized by high readiness for performance and flexibility, high level of expertise, distinctive quality
    thinking and the courage to seek new challenges aware.

  2. You do not belong to the great to be among the best. We want to develop a small business products with the highest
    . Therefore, know-how, reliability and innovation are our central location. We trade with confidence. We have
    fighting spirit, creativity, perseverance and the courage to change.

  3. Our customers are at the center of all our thoughts and our actions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our
    success. With high quality and high readiness we can react flexibly to customer wishes. We are aware that customers
    place different demands on us, but we are sure to meet or even exceed this.

  4. Quality is our first priority and our products move at the highest level. All products are created in a loving hand and develop
    according to their own ideas and style. We only use materials from well-known companies. Our products and services are
    checked for quality and where necessary, adjusted or optimized. We assign only reliable suppliers who share our
    high standards for quality and on-time without restrictions. We quarantee 100% Swiss Quality.

  5. As a trendsetter, we go ahead and move with new products, ideas and visions. We are forming the opinion that innovation
    and quality are the basis for success.

  6. Social awareness and an ethical attitude determine our actions. Respect, fairness and respect are the key cornerstones
    of our behavior. We have a friendly and honest manner and work with heart and mind.

  7. Who is close to the market, remains mobile. With a clear structure, we are flexible and can adapt quickly to the individual
    of our customers and the market. Trust has to be earned. Our prompt and open communication makes a significant

  8. We contribute all of our activities concerned for the environment and sparingly and responsibly. Legal requirements, policies
    and regulations, we hold on.

  9. We offer a fair and reasonable price policy is our sophisticated products justice. A sustainable increase in enterprise value
    requires long-term thinking and acting. We therefore strive for a healthy growth and steady development.

  10. We talk every day our mission statement in mind. After that lived, worked and traded. We act the way we want to be
    treated yourself.