Vom Zaubergarten says goodbye

There comes a point in life when you just have to let go. You know from deep inside that it is time to break new ground.

Shipping costs have skyrocketed in recent years. This year alone, Swiss Post has increased the prices for international parcels by a whopping CHF 5.- per parcel.

Everyone wants to earn money from the company. The state with collection of VAT, customs for import and customs duties.
The shipping providers are driving up the prices for transport, the service for delivering the parcels is getting worse and worse. Parcels are lost, are not delivered for inexplicable reasons.

The delivery bottlenecks in the spinning mills and the associated procurement difficulties in the wool market are becoming increasingly complicated. Suppliers are no longer reliable.

In Germany and other EU countries there is a new packaging law. All European traders, even the smallest companies, that circulate shipping packaging must contribute to the cost of disposal, starting with the first package. Each country has its own rules and registrations.

The bureaucratic part for me to send packages is getting bigger and bigger. Less and less time to develop ideas and write instructions. Lots of bureaucracy and little creativity.

This has no future and therefore it is time to let go. I have decided to stop producing gradient yarn vom Zaubergarten. I will continue to sell the wool until the stock is exhausted. If you want to stock up now, this is your last chance. Delivery while stock lasts.

Jollyknits knitting patterns will still be available. I'm happy to have more time and to be able to concentrate on the essentials again, namely designing knitting patterns.

Thank you for your loyalty, the beautiful moments and 11 years of gradient yarn vom Zaubergarten.

Please note: Company holidays from December 14th to January 3rd, 2023. No packages will be sent during this time!


Jolanda Schneider
Knittwear Designer