Are you a specialist shop or a specialist magazine and are you interested in working with us?

I have many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge in the field of knitting, crocheting and sewing. I have worked in various companies and was able to gain valuable experience. I am creative, motivated and committed.

I can imagine the following cooperations:

- Presentation of products on social media 

- Presentation of products in combination with instructions

- Sponsorship of knitting supplies and yarns

- Sponsorship of fabrics and sewing accessories

- Testing knitting crochet or sewing accessories and fabrics with reporting on social media

- Publication of knitting, crochet or sewing instructions in books and trade journals

- Knitting, sewing and crochet courses

- Participation in trade fairs with subsequent report on social media

I'm open to new ideas. And you?

Feel free to contact me  to arrange a personal meeting.

I'm excited to learn more about your company and goals, and to discuss how I can contribute.

Thank you for your interest in working together!


Since July 2023 cooperation with 100farbspiele