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Knitting Pattern Lace Shawl ORANGE JUICE
Wunderschönes plastisches Muster
Apr 15, 2022
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Gradient Yarn Cotton CYCLAMEN
Absolutely gorgeous colours, exactly as shown in the picture and shipping was less than a week to Ca ...
Mär 30, 2022
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Gradient Yarn Merino DOWN UNDER
Ich habe mit dieser Wolle zusammen mit dem melierten hellen Garn das Tuch „Down Under“ gestrickt ...
Mär 16, 2022
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Bobbel Boxx

In the box are 10 bobbles of 50g or 100g, which shows a color gradient. The single ones skeins are numbered. If you knitting or crocheting, you can go always go to the next color section. Of course, the colors can also be processed in any direction. Your imagination is the limit. The boxes are also perfect for larger projects such as sweaters or jackets.

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